Spending time together as a family can sometimes be challenging if you’re trying to make the activities older adult friendly.  But spending quality time together is so important, for the youngest family members up to the oldest generation.  Those memories of happy times spent together become priceless once those opportunities for togetherness are no longer possible.  If you feel like you need a few new ideas for activities, here is a list to help jump start your imagination:

  • Movie Day (or Night) – This works well for family members of all ages, especially those with mobility concerns.  Whether watching a movie at home or going to the theater, switch off who gets to pick the movie, grandchildren, parents or grandparents!
  • Family Dinner Date – Everyone has to eat! Whether it is pouring over old recipes, choosing a new one, going to a restaurant or bringing in take out, the opportunities to share memories and stories are endless.  If cooking at home, there’s usually a way for everyone to help out.  Have a picnic at a park or bring the picnic inside if that’s more comfortable.
  • Game night – Take turns picking out the games, and be sure to vary them from creative choices like Charades and Pictionary, to more structured board games.  Grandparents can teach games that were popular during their childhood like marbles or jacks, and kids can teach them all about the latest craze.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane – Most children enjoy hearing stories about when they were young, and when their parents were young.  And older adults have stories to tell!  Even those with memory loss usually have memories from years ago they can share.  Looking at old photo albums together often can spark a memory.
  • Visit Extended Family – Whether on a short road trip or a virtual one via web cam, try to stay in touch regularly with loved ones who live elsewhere.

The following websites offer more suggestions of family activities and games that include older adults.  Hope you find them helpful.

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