The Woodward Dream Cruise was last week. For many native Detroiters that conjures up images of elegant antique cars leisurely making their way down Woodward Avenue, to the delight of the many spectators who line the road.  As I fought the crowds vying for a parking space, I wondered why so many of us flock to watch this motor parade every summer.

The answer is simple.  We come because it brings back memories.  It is a reminder of a simpler time, when lemonade came from lemons, water, sugar and ice instead of the powdered packets I pour in my water bottle.  Of a time when going for a car ride was a family outing.  A time my children would call “The Olden Days”.

I’m not old enough to have memories of antique cars, but I do have hundreds of loving memories of my grandparents, and of being a child playing jump rope on the patio with my friends. And as I sat there, transported back in time to those sunny days of my past, I thought “this is why we come”.   So in the midst of our very busy lives, take the time to explore your old memories, to dig out the old yearbooks and family albums.  It’s time very well spent.

I hope you enjoy your own personal Dream Cruise!